2f3e5fd0 Cycle of preliminary cooling of the evaporator

Fig. 8.78. Scheme of a cycle of preliminary cooling of the evaporator: 1 – multiline evaporator; 2 – condensation element; 3 – gaseous coolant; 4 – liquid coolant; 5 – modulator; 5 – overcooling element

In the accepted cycle of preliminary cooling (fig. 8.78) after coolant passes through an element of condensation of the evaporator, liquid and gaseous coolant which could not be liquefied are cooled in an overcooling element again. Thus, coolant is sent to the evaporator in almost completely liquefied state.

Point in which air bubbles disappear in overcooling cycle coolant below, than the corresponding amount of coolant which the system has to be filled. Therefore if the system is recharged by coolant in a point in which air bubbles disappear, the amount of coolant will be insufficient. As a result it will be reflected in performance data of system.