8.2.4. Anticorrosive processing of a body

Fig. 8.7. Anticorrosive processing of a body of the Camry car

Corrosion resistance of a body of the car is increased due to use of anticorrosive sheet steel, and also anticorrosive processing which includes use of wax, sealant and special paint for processing of the elements which are easily treated to action of corrosion, such as a cowl, doors and panels (fig. 8.7).
Now anticorrosive sheet steel is used in all parts of a body, except a roof and internal elements.
In processing of zavaltsovanny sites of a cowl, panels of doors and covers of the luggage compartment are also applied wax and sealant.
Before release from the conveyor the bottom of the car is exposed to factory processing by polyvinylchloride anti-gravel primer. Besides, it processes parts of surfaces of panels and a cowl.