7. Onboard electric equipment

General information
 Verification of supply voltage
 Searches of the place of short circuit
 Check of serviceability of grounding
 Check on lack of break
 Localization of the place of break
 Wires, safety locks and relay
Rechargeable battery
 Check of degree of state of charge of the battery
 Charging of the rechargeable battery
 Charging of completely discharged rechargeable battery
 Care of the rechargeable battery
 Storage of the rechargeable battery
 Check of completely charged rechargeable battery
 Removal and installation of the rechargeable battery
System of power supply
 General information
 Dismantling, check and assembly of the generator
System of electrostart-up
 General information
 New starter of the PS Camry car
 Removal and installation of a starter
 Check of work of a starter
 Dismantling, check and assembly of a starter
Checks of onboard electric equipment
 The ignition lock (the warning system about the key forgotten in the lock)
 Check of vyklyuchatetel of locks of doors
 Check of switches of locks of doors (for models with system of double blocking)
 Check of power windows
 Check of switches of adjustment of seats
 Check of electric motors of adjustment of seats
 Check of thermal safety locks
 Check of the electric motor of a washer
 Check of conductivity of the switch of adjustment of provision of a mirror
 Check of the relay of a heater of back glass
 Check of an internal rear-view mirror
 Safety locks and relay
 Table 7.1 Technical characteristics of starters
 Table 7.2 Verification of Provisions of the Lock of Ignition