2f3e5fd0 Assembly of a starter

At assembly of a starter use high-temperature jellied lubricant for lubricant of bearings and gear wheels.
Grease with jellied lubricant a starter coupling shaft.
By means of tonkogubets establish a spring ring on a coupling shaft.

Fig. 7.54. Gap of a spring ring of a shaft of the coupling

Measure by a caliper a gap of a spring ring (fig. 7.54).
Minimum gap: 5,0 mm.
If the gap exceeds the specified size, replace a ring new.
Establish a starter cover from the switchboard.

Fig. 7.55. Combination of a cover of a starter with a cut on the case of the traction relay

Combine a ledge on a starter cover from the switchboard with a cut on the case of the traction relay (fig. 7.55).

Fig. 7.56. Final assembly of a starter

Level a cover assembled with the obgonny coupling and a cover from the switchboard and tighten two coupling bolts (fig. 7.56).
Carry out other assembly and installation as it should be, the return to removal.