7.4.2. New starter of the PS Camry car

Check of the electric motor of a starter without removal from the car

Fig. 7.33. The comparative block diagram of a usual starter and starter with a planetary reducer

On the Camry cars PS starter is established (the electric motor with a planetary reducer see fig. 7.33). As the starter of PS has an anchor with conductors of square section, its surface is used as a collector that allows to increase torque of a starter and to reduce its dimensional length. Characteristics which are usually reached by application of numerous rounds of wires of round section in a starter with a planetary reducer can be received without increase in weight. Instead of the winding of excitement used in a usual starter in a starter of PS two types of permanent magnets are used: main magnets and interpolar magnets. Magnets are placed so that to increase a magnetic flux and to reduce yoke length.