7.1. General information

Verification of supply voltage
Searches of the place of short circuit
Check of serviceability of grounding
Check on lack of break
Localization of the place of break
Wires, safety locks and relay

The Camry cars have system of electric equipment with working voltage of 12 V. Electric equipment is executed according to the single-wire scheme – negative conclusions of sources and consumers of the electric power are connected to a body of the car which performs function of the second wire. Power supply of all lighting fixtures and electric units is carried out from the battery of lead-acid type recharged from the generator of alternating current.
The present section is devoted to the description of procedures of service and repair of some elements of system of onboard electric equipment. Besides, procedures of diagnostics of malfunctions of electric equipment of the general order are considered.

At repair of electric equipment and a power supply system of the engine disconnect a wire from the - plug of the rechargeable battery.
When replacing safety locks it is forbidden to use screw-drivers and the metal tool as it can lead to short circuit in electric equipment chains.
It is forbidden to disconnect the switchboard of ignition and the rechargeable battery on the working engine as it will lead to failure of the regulator of tension and elements of the electronic equipment of the car.
When checking chains of electric equipment it is forbidden to close on "mass" of a wire (to check serviceability of chains "for a spark") as it can lead to failure of elements of electric equipment.
"30" generators are forbidden even to connect a conclusion to "weight" (to check operation of the generator "on a spark") as it will lead to failure of diodes of the vypryamitelny block of the generator quickly. It is possible to check the generator on the car only the voltmeter and the ampermeter. In order to avoid failure of diodes of the vypryamitelny block it is forbidden to check them the megohm meter or the control lamp fed more than 12 V and also to check such devices of a chain of electric equipment on the car without detachment of wires from the generator. It is necessary to check resistance of isolation of a winding of the stator of the generator the increased tension on the generator removed from the car at the stator winding conclusions disconnected from the vypryamitelny block.
When carrying out electrowelding works on the car it is necessary to disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery and the generator.
Do not concern elements of system of ignition and high-voltage wires on the working engine.
Do not lay a wire of low and high voltage in one plait.
At recharge of the rechargeable battery on the car by means of the charger disconnect wires from battery plugs.