7.1.6. Wires, safety locks and relay

Protection of electric chains of the car against short circuit is provided with use of set of safety locks, breakers of chains and fusible inserts. It is easy to distinguish the burned-down safety lock from its transparent plastic case, serviceable by survey. Attentively examine a safety lock for identification of its burn-out. If the safety lock externally looks normally, but suspicions on its malfunction remained, make check of conductivity between the knife plugs acting from its case.
When replacing safety locks you watch compliance of face value of a new safety lock to the face value of old. The safety locks calculated on various current can look externally equally therefore special attention should be paid to marking. Each electric chain needs different degree of protection. You watch that marking on the case of a safety lock corresponded to the current on which the corresponding chain is calculated. If the replaced safety lock immediately fuses, first of all it is necessary to reveal and remove the cause of its burn-out. In most cases the short circuit in an electric chain caused by break or damage of isolation of a wire becomes this reason.

Fusible inserts
Protection of some electric chains is carried out by inclusion in them of fusible inserts. Inserts are usually used for protection of the chains which are not equipped with safety locks such as chain of system of ignition.
Fusible inserts are similar to safety locks in the sense that an exit them out of operation (oplavleniye) easily is defined visually.
For replacement of a fusible insert disconnect a negative wire from the rechargeable battery. Take the burned-down insert and establish new on its place. Before replacement of an insert surely try to define the reason of the overload which caused an insert exit out of operation.

Chain breakers (thermal relays)
Thermal relays serve for protection of such components as electric drives of window regulators, locks of doors and adjustment of provision of headlights (electroproofreaders). Some of breakers of chains are installed in the assembly block. Return of thermal relays to an initial state on some models is carried out automatically, i.e. at emergence of an overload in a chain the thermal relay is instantly disconnected, then, after cooling, reverts to the original state. If return of a contour into position does not happen, it is necessary to make its check immediately. Normal functioning of the thermal relay confirms serviceability of a contour. Some of breakers are equipped with buttons for manual compulsory return to an initial state.

Replacement of safety locks
For prevention of short circuit and overloads of consumers of electric energy separate contours are protected by safety locks. On the Camry cars the safety locks corresponding to the last technical achievements are used, these safety locks have knife contacts.
Before replacement of a safety lock at first surely disconnect the corresponding consumer.
Hook a cover of the block of safety locks the narrow screw-driver and remove it.
Fused a safety lock it is possible to distinguish on the melted metal strip. The arrangement of safety locks is shown on inside of a cover of the block of safety locks.
Take out a faulty safety lock the plastic tweezers which are in a cover of the block of safety locks.
Insert a new safety lock of the same face value (current).
If again inserted safety lock fuses through short time, it is necessary to check the corresponding electric chain.
Do not replace a safety lock at all with a wire or similar supportive applications as because of it in electric system of the car there can be serious damages.
It is always recommended to have in the car a set of spare safety locks of different face value. For their storage the appropriate place is provided in the block of safety locks.
The face value of a safety lock is put on a reverse side of the case of a safety lock. Besides, the case has the corresponding color by which it is possible to determine nominal current.

For giving of electric current to some elements of electric equipment of the car relays are used. Violation of serviceability of functioning of the relay leads to refusal of the element served by it. In case of suspicion on malfunction any of the relay, it has to be removed and subjected to check at service station or in specialized auto repair shop. Replacement of the failed relay is made assembled.