7.1.1. Verification of supply voltage

Verifications of supply voltage are made in case of violation of functioning of an electric chain. Connect one of wires of a tester of electric chains or to a negative pole of the rechargeable battery, or to well grounded car body point. Other wire of a tester connect to the plug of the electric socket of the checked chain, preferably the next to the rechargeable battery or to a safety lock. If the control lamp of a tester lights up, supply voltage is present at this piece of a chain that confirms serviceability of a chain between this point of a chain and the rechargeable battery. Continuing to work similarly, investigate the chain rest. Detection of lack of supply voltage speaks about existence of malfunction between this point of a chain and the last from checked earlier (where supply voltage was present). In most cases weakening of electric sockets and violation of quality of contacts is a cause of failure (oxidation).