6.9.2. Dismantling

Using the screw-driver, push pistons on all course, turn off a lock bolt and remove ring consolidation.

Wind the screw-driver with a plaster or an adhesive tape not to damage pistons and a mirror of the cylinder.

Fig. 6.26. Removal of a spring ring

Press the piston the screw-driver and by means of tonkogubets for removal of spring rings remove a spring ring (fig. 6.26).

Fig. 6.27. Extraction of the piston No. 1 with a spring

Turn off a lock piston bolt with laying and take the piston No. 1 with a spring, extending it it is strict on an axis without distortions (fig. 6.27).

If to take the piston at an angle, it is possible to damage a cylinder mirror.

Fig. 6.28. Extraction of the piston No. 2

Put a rag on two wooden whetstones and easily strike with a cylinder flange whetstones until the piston No. 2 comes to light. Make sure that the distance (A) specified in the figure 6.28 from a rag to top of whetstones was not less than 100 mm.