6.7.2. Pumping of the modulator of pressure of the ABS/VSC system

Pump over also the ABS/VSC system pressure modulator.
Uncover the modulator tank.

Fig. 6.19. Accession special a prisposobleniiya to pressure modulator for pumping

Attach instead of it the special device 09992-00242. Connect a vinyl tube to a spuskny stopper of the modulator (fig. 6.19).
Pump over system, having applied pressure of 98,1 kPa to the modulator.

Fig. 6.20. Pumping of the ABS/VSC system

Weaken a spuskny stopper and check whether there is no air a vinyl tube (fig. 6.20).

Fig. 6.21. Having added liquids in ABS/VSC pressure modulator

Check the level of brake fluid in the modulator and add liquid in case of need (fig. 6.21).