6.2.2. ECU system designation

Fig. 6.6. TRC/ECU system of the Camry car: 1 – combination of devices; 2 – sensor of an angle of rotation of a steering wheel; 3 – control lamp of antistrange system (VCS); 4 – lamp of the alarm system of the brake system; 5 – control lamp of ABS; 6 – control

In addition to work of the ABS/TRC systems the ECU system (fig. 6.6) via the sensor of an angle of rotation and the sensor of pressure perceives force of impact on a steering wheel and brakes. Using information from the deviation sensor from the set course/sensor of side acceleration (G-sensor) and sensors of frequency of rotation of wheels, the ECU system estimates the mode of driving and increases stability by regulation of brake effort to four wheels and output engine capacity.