6.15. Removal and installation of the modulator of pressure

Remove the right forward flap.
Turn off a bolt of fastening of an arm of hoses of the conditioner.

Fig. 6.74. A detachment of tubes from pressure modulator

Using the special tool, turn off 6 nuts of fastening and disconnect brake tubes from the modulator of pressure (fig. 6.74).
Disconnect two sockets.

Fig. 6.75. Removal of the modulator of pressure

Turn off two bolts and two nuts and remove the modulator assembled (fig. 6.75).
Turn off two nuts and disconnect the modulator from an arm.
Remove from the modulator two holders and three plugs.
Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
After installation fill a tank with brake fluid, pump over the brake system and check lack of leaks.
Check is made by means of a special diagnostic tester of DLC3.