6.12.5. Assembly

Fig. 6.59. Installation of a spring ring and cover of the brake cylinder

By means of the screw-driver establish a spring ring of a cover of the brake cylinder and a cover (fig. 6.59).
Establishing a spring ring, do not damage a cover.
Establish the directing fingers.
Inhaling moment: 39 N · m.
By means of a face key (8 mm) and the hammer, establish boots of the directing fingers.
Previously grease boots with lithium lubricant.
Establish fixing bolts of the case of a support.
Inhaling moment: 62 N · m.

Fig. 6.60. Installation of a boot in a support cover

Establish a boot of the directing finger in a support cover, previously having greased it with lithium lubricant (fig. 6.60).
Establish the directing finger in a support cover.

Fig. 6.61. The scheme of installation of the directing finger

Grease a finger with lithium lubricant and, trying not to damage a boot, insert as it is shown in the figure 6.61.
Establish a new set of brake shoes.
Establish a support cover.
Carry out other assembly as it should be, the return to removal.
Establish back wheels.
Check the level of brake fluid.