6.11.7. Assembly

Fig. 6.44. Installation of consolidation in the piston

Apply lithium lubricant for rubber on consolidations of the piston and install them in the case of the cylinder (fig. 6.44).

At installation do not apply too big effort not to damage a detail.

Fig. 6.45. Installation of a spring ring and cover of the brake cylinder

Establish a spring ring of a cover of the brake cylinder and a cover (fig. 6.45).

Fig. 6.46. Installation of boots of the directing fingers

By means of a face key (19 mm) and the hammer establish boots of the directing fingers (fig. 6.46).
Previously grease boots with lithium lubricant.
Install the case of the brake cylinder on a brake drive and tighten fixing bolts.
Inhaling moment: 107 N · m.
Establish the directing fingers.
Establish brake shoes.
Establish a support.
Tighten fixing bolts.
Inhaling moment: 34 N · m.
Establish a brake hose and tighten a fastening nut.
Inhaling moment: 29 N · m.
Fill in brake fluid in a flank.
Check whether brake fluid from the main cylinder exudes.
Check tubes and hoses of the brake system.
Pump over brakes.
Establish wheels.