2f3e5fd0 Installation

Establish new laying and tighten perepuskny the valve.

Fig. 5.46. Installation of the delivery pipeline

Establish a stopper of the delivery pipeline so that it concerned a forward arm, as shown in the figure 5.46, and tighten perepuskny the valve.

Install the pump assembled with the delivery pipeline.
Establish a driving belt of the pump of the hydraulic booster.

Fig. 5.47. Tightening of a bolt "And"

Using a dynamometer key with a length of support of 345 mm, tighten a bolt "And" (fig. 5.47).
The inhaling moment with use of the special tool and a dynamometer key of long 345 mm: 29 N · m.
Tighten a bolt "In".
Inhaling moment: 43 N · m.

The moment of an inhaling will be correct if the special tool is located parallel to a dynamometer key.

Connect the socket to the sensor of pressure of working liquid.
Install two plugs, two plates of the holder and tighten a bolt.
Inhaling moment: 10 N · m.
Connect a returnable hose.
Establish the right protective apron and tighten two bolts.
Pump over system of the amplifier of steering.