5.2.2. Check of level of working liquid of the hydraulic booster

Install the car on the horizontal plane.
At the switched-off engine check the level of working liquid and add in case of need.
Working liquid: ATF DEXROPf II or III.

Fig. 5.4. Levels of "heated-up" and "cold" working liquid in a tank of the hydraulic booster

If working liquid is heated-up, the level of liquid is in an interval of "NOTES" on a tank or the probe if cold – in the range of "COLD".

Warm up working liquid.
Start the engine and establish idling turns.
Turn a steering wheel several times from an emphasis against the stop for increase in temperature of working liquid up to 80 °C.

Fig. 5.5. The normal and made foam working liquid

Check lack of foaming or emulsification of liquid. In the presence of foaming or emulsification pump over system of the amplifier of steering (fig. 5.5).
Check increase in level of liquid.
Measure liquid level at the working engine.
Switch off the engine, wait several minutes and measure liquid level.
Maximum increase in level of liquid: 5 mm.
If increase in level of liquid more than 5 mm, pump over system.

Fig. 5.6. Liquid levels in a tank of the hydraulic booster on the "hot" and "cold" engine

Again check the level of working liquid.