2f3e5fd0 Check of components of a forward suspension bracket

Check a rack for existence of leak of working liquid, damages of dustproof covers and a spring of a suspension bracket.
Examine shock-absorbers on existence of cracks or damages. Check a condition of saddles of a spring.
Check the shock-absorber for signs of leak of working liquid. Check on all length a shock-absorber rod for lack of pointed corrosion. Check the shock-absorber case for lack of mechanical damages. Install the shock-absorber in vertical position and check its work, moving a shock-absorber rod at full capacity. In all cases the rod of the shock-absorber has to move smoothly with a notable resistance. If the rod of the shock-absorber moves breakthroughs or there are mechanical damages, the shock-absorber is subject to replacement.
Check all rubber plugs for existence of hardening, wear and splittings, in case of need replace them.
Check a dustproof cover and the spherical hinge for existence of wear and damages.
The special equipment and certain skills in work therefore hand over the lower lever in a specialized workshop are necessary for replacement of a dustproof cover. The spherical hinge cannot be replaced separately from the lever. New plugs can be installed, using a vice and tubes suitable on diameter or mandrels for a vypressovka of old plugs from the lever and a press fitting of new. At installation of plugs use soap solution as lubricant.

You carry out a final inhaling of nuts and bolts of fastening of the lower lever of a forward suspension bracket to the lower frame after the car is lowered on wheels.