4.2.1. Forward and back suspension brackets – general information

The suspension bracket is a link between a body and wheels. Forces influencing wheels are transmitted through it on a body. The elements entering a suspension bracket soften dynamic loadings, reduce fluctuations of a body, provide good stability and smoothness of the course of the car.
On the Camry cars forward and back independent suspension brackets like MacPherson utanavlivatsya.
The lower lever of a forward suspension bracket fastens to a rotary fist. To the lower levers the stabilizer of cross stability which represents the core bent as appropriate made of spring steel fastens. It works as follows: if when passing turn the wheel which is on the internal radius of turn departs from the car, the stabilizer is twisted. This arisen elastic force supports now a damping rack which is located on the external radius of turn that together with springs increases its rigidity. Result of operation of the stabilizer – considerable reduction of lists of the car when passing turns. If the car tilts at the same time, for example, with braking, the stabilizer does not work.
On a forward suspension bracket the novelty at which the axis шкворня settles down before a rotary fist is used. Stable stability at the rectilinear movement is as a result provided.

Fig. 4.11. Running gear of the Camry car

Fig. 4.12. Forward suspension bracket of the Camry car

Fig. 4.13. The scheme of action of an axis шкворня at the rectilinear movement