4.1.6. Adjustment of disorder

After adjustment of disorder check a corner of a convergence of forward wheels again.

Remove forward wheels and a collar of the sensor of frequency of rotation (ABS).

Fig. 4.9. Nuts of fastening of the lower party of a rack

Turn off two nuts of fastening from the lower party of a rack (fig. 4.9).
Apply engine oil on a carving of nuts.
Temporarily establish nuts.

Fig. 4.10. Scheme of adjustment of disorder

Adjust disorder size, moving the lower part of a rack (fig. 4.10).
Establish average value of size of disorder. When using a bolt without tag adjustment of size of disorder is possible in the range from 0 °06’ to 0 °30’.
Tighten nuts.
Inhaling moment: 211 N · m.
Establish forward wheels.
Inhaling moment: 103 N · m.
Check disorder.
If disorder does not correspond to the set conditions, then by means of table 4.5 pick up a bolt and make adjustment.