2f3e5fd0 Replacement of tires

When replacing tires use only tires of the identical sizes and a design with the identical drawing of a protector and with equivalent or bigger load ability. Use of the tire of any other sizes or type can seriously affect controllability, comfortableness, accuracy of indications of the speedometer/odometer, clearance, distance between a body and the tire or a chain of antisliding.

Do not combine radial and diagonal tires. It can become the reason of loss of controllability of the car and lead to accident.

Fig. 4.2. Scheme of reinstallation of wheels

It is recommended to replace all four tires or, at least, both forward or back tires at the same time. Each 5000 km interchange the position of tires according to the scheme specified in the figure 4.2.

Fig. 4.3. The stand for balancing of wheels

If the wheel was under repair, then after repair it is necessary to carry out balancing of wheels. Balancing of a nebkhodim as well in cases of reinstallation of wheels (fig. 4.3).