3.3.1. General information

On new Camry the following types of automatic transmissions in the block with the main transfer are used: 1AZ, 2AZ-FE – U241E; 1MZ-FE – U140E.
These automatic four-speed transmissions differ in compactness and high operational characteristics and have electronic control eats (The transmission with electronic control).
Bases of a design and work of these boxes are identical.
However, the transfer relation, and also number of disks and springs differ depending on engine model.

Fig. 3.71. General view of automatic transmissions of the Camry car

Fig. 3.72. Longitudinal section of the automatic transmission: 1 – planetary transfer of the forward course; 2 – leading gear wheel of an intermediate shaft; 3 – planetary transfer of a backing; 4 – the lowering planetary transfer (U/D); 5 – leading shaft; 6 – leader