2f3e5fd0 Installation of a set of the piston of the main cylinder of coupling

Fig. 3.24. Places of putting jellied lubricant on the piston case

Grease piston details with lithium jellied lubricant (places of putting lubricant are shown by shooters in the figure 3.24).
Install the piston with a spring in the cylinder.

You watch to damaging an internal part of the case of the cylinder.

Establish a persistent plate on a pusher.
Install a pusher in the cylinder case.

Fig. 3.23. Removal of a lock ring

Utaplivy a piston core, by means of pincers for removal and installation of lock rings establish a lock ring (see fig. 3.23).
Install a cover on the cylinder case.
Establish a pusher lock-nut.
Temporarily establish a pusher fork with a lock-nut on a pusher.
Install the entrance union and the new condensing ring.

Fig. 3.25. Scheme of installation of a shlitsevy spring pin

Using small beards with a thin sting (5 mm) and the hammer, establish shlitsevy a spring pin (fig. 3.25).