2f3e5fd0 Removal of a set of the piston of the main cylinder of coupling

Fig. 3.22. Extraction of a spring shlitsevy pin

Using small beards with a thin sting (5 mm) and the hammer, beat out shlitsevy a spring pin (fig. 3.22).
Remove the entrance union and the condensing ring.
Weaken a lock-nut and remove a pusher fork.
Turn off a pusher lock-nut.
Remove a cylinder case cover.

Fig. 3.23. Removal of a lock ring

Utaplivy a piston core, by means of pincers for removal and installation of lock rings remove a lock ring (fig. 3.23).
Take out a pusher from the cylinder case.

The piston can jump out of the cylinder case. Therefore carefully take out a pusher from the cylinder case.

Remove a persistent plate from a pusher.
Take out the piston with a spring from the cylinder.

You watch to damaging an internal part of the case of the cylinder.