2f3e5fd0 Dismantling of conrod and piston group

Check landing of connection of conrod and piston group, trying to move the piston "backwards-forward" on a piston finger in the direction, perpendicular axes of a piston finger.
In the presence of a noticeable side play replace all knot.

Fig. 2.331. Removal of compression rings

The special tool remove both compression rings (fig. 2.331).
Manually remove elements of an oil scraper ring (scrapers and a dilator of a ring).

Fig. 2.332. Removal of a lock ring

Using the screw-driver, remove lock rings (fig. 2.332).
Gradually heat the piston to temperature of 80-90 °C. Using the hammer with a plastic head and a copper core, beat out a piston finger and remove a rod.

If necessary apply tags on the piston and a rod to provide correctness of assembly. Not to a razukomplektovyvayta piston and piston finger. Spread out details of piston group pokomplektno.

Remove with a scraper a deposit and other carbon deposits from the piston bottom. Clear piston flutes of deposits by a piece of the broken ring.
Check the piston and piston rings.