2f3e5fd0 Measurement of diameter of cylinders

Fig. 2.330. Measurement of diameter of cylinders

Indikatorom-nutromerom measure diameter of the cylinder at three levels A, B and C in cross 1 and the longitudinal 2 directions, as shown in the figure 2.330.
Standard diameter – 87,500–87,512 mm.
The maximum diameter – 87,520 mm.
If diameter is more than most admissible, chisel all cylinders. If necessary replace the block of cylinders.
Remove development a crest in the top part of the block of cylinders if wear is less than 0,2 mm.
Check 12-faced bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings. Measure by a caliper diameter of a thin part of bolts.
Standard diameter – 7,5–7,6 mm.
The minimum diameter – 7,2 mm.
If diameter is less than minimum value, replace a bolt.