2f3e5fd0 Check of a radial side play of the conrod bearing

Fig. 2.319. Otvorachivaniye of bolts of fastening of the lower cover of a rod

Check combination of tags on a rod and a cover of a rod to provide in the subsequent its correct assembly. If tags are absent, then apply with a core them on covers and on rods. Turn off two bolts of fastening of the lower cover of a rod (fig. 2.319).
Using bolts of fastening of a cover of a rod, remove the lower cover, shaking it here and there.
Install plastic caliber for measurement of gaps in sliding bearings across a conrod neck.

Fig. 2.320. Installation of the lower cover of a rod

Establish the lower cover of a rod, having combined adjusting tags. Twirl bolts the moment of an inhaling of 25 N · m, having turned their heads on 90 ° (fig. 2.320).

Do not rotate a bent shaft.

Fig. 2.321. Extraction of plastic caliber

Remove the lower cover of a rod, having turned off bolts. Measure width of the flattened plastic caliber in the widest part and determine the size of a gap of the conrod bearing (fig. 2.321).
Gap of the conrod bearing:
standard – 0,038–0,064 mm;
maximum – 0,080 mm.
If the gap is more than maximum, replace bearings. If necessary to a proshlifuyta or replace a bent shaft.

Fig. 2.322. Location of number markings: 1 – marking with number

When replacing inserts of the nominal size it is necessary to use inserts of one dimensional group specified on the lower cover or a rod. There are dimensional groups of inserts designated by "1", "2", "3", "4" (fig. 2.322).

Nominal thickness of a wall of an insert (on the center):
tag "1"..... 1,484–1,487 mm;
tag "2"..... 1,487–1,490 mm;
tag "3"..... 1,490–1,493 mm;
tag "4"..... 1,493–1,496 mm.
Remove the remains of plastic caliber from the working surfaces of a neck and an insert.