2f3e5fd0 Assembly of conrod and piston group

Fig. 2.358. Installation of a new lock ring

Using the screw-driver, establish a new lock ring on the one hand in a flute of the cylinder of the piston (fig. 2.358).

Fig. 2.359. Heating of pistons in the special box

Gradually heat the piston to temperature of 80-90 °C (fig. 2.359).

Fig. 2.360. Scheme of combination of tags of the piston and rod

Apply a little engine oil on a piston finger and in piston cylinder openings. Combine tags in front of the piston and a rod and establish a piston finger (fig. 2.360).
Using the screw-driver, establish the second new lock ring on the other side of a piston cylinder opening.

Make sure that the section of a lock ring does not coincide with a dredging section under a ring.