2f3e5fd0 Check of a gap between the piston and the cylinder

Fig. 2.333. Measurement of diameter of a skirt of the piston

Measure by a micrometer diameter of a skirt of the piston at distance of 23,2 mm (fig. 2.333).
Nominal diameter of the piston – 87,406–87,416 mm.
Measure diameters of cylinders in the direction of an engine axis. Find a difference of diameters of the piston and cylinder.
Gap between the cylinder and the piston:
standard – 0,084–0,106 mm;
maximum – 0,130 mm.
If the gap is more than maximum, replace all pistons and chisel all cylinders. If necessary replace the block of cylinders.

Pistons for a forward and back row of cylinders differ from each other. In a back row pistons with marking of "R", in forward – with marking of "L" are installed.