2f3e5fd0 Check of a valvate spring

Fig. 2.277. Check of not perpendicularity of a spring of the valve

Using a metal square (90 °), check not perpendicularity of a spring of the valve, as shown in the figure 2.277.
The most admissible not perpendicularity makes – 2,0 mm

Fig. 2.278. Measurement of length of a spring of the valve

Measure by a caliper spring length in a free state (fig. 2.278).
Valve spring length – 45,50 mm.
If length of a spring differs from nominal, replace a valve spring.

Fig. 2.279. Measurement of extent of compression of a spring by means of a tester

Measure by a tester for check of springs the effort necessary for compression of a spring to the adjusting length (fig. 2.279).
Spring elastic force with a length of 33,8 mm – 186–206 N.
If the effort goes beyond the specified limits, replace a valve spring.