2f3e5fd0 EFI system (Electronic system of injection of fuel)

The system of injection of fuel with electronic control like L directly determines the mass of air on an admission by the sensor of a consumption of air of termoanemometrichesky type. The independent system of injection (in which fuel is injected into each cylinder once for each two turns of a bent shaft) is applied. Besides, at launch of the engine the group injection is used (fuel is injected once into two cylinders for each turn of a bent shaft). There are two operating modes of system of injection of fuel:
a) synchronous injection at which the basic duration of injection is corrected on signals of sensors so that the injection of fuel happened always at a certain provision of a bent shaft;
b) asynchronous injection at which the injection of fuel is made at detection of inquiries on signals of sensors irrespective of an angle of rotation of a bent shaft.

Fig. 2.210. Scheme of the EFI system (Electronic system of injection of fuel)

Besides, the system makes a fuel cut-off at which the fuel injection temporarily stops according to traffic conditions for protection of the engine and increase in fuel profitability.