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Fig. 2.200. Fuel system of the Camry car with the engine 1MZ-FE: 1 – fuel nozzle; 2 – quencher of pulsations; 3 – fuel tank; 4 – fuel pump

The fuel system irrevocably of fuel in a tank is used for decrease in release of vapors of fuel. On the car the compact fuel pump (see fig. 2.200) is used in which the fuel filter and the regulator of pressure are integrated in the block of the fuel pump. The quick-detachable connector is used for connection of a fuel pipe with a hose of supply of fuel for increase in operational reliability. The compact fuel nozzle with 12 openings with high extent of dispersion of fuel is applied. It became as a result possible to refuse the auxiliary pneumatic system used on the previous Camry model. The cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank has flexible communication with a mouth that interferes with loss of a cover and allows to prevent leak of fuel or its vapors through a mouth.