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On the Camry car with the engine 1MZ-FE the cooling system of the closed type with compulsory circulation of cooling liquid and the thermostat having perepuskny the valve in an entrance branch pipe of cooling liquid is installed. The thermostat with the bypass valve settles down on an entrance of the pump of cooling liquid.
The cooling system includes: a cooling shirt (in the block of cylinders and in a head of the block of cylinders), a radiator, the pump of cooling liquid, the thermostat and the electric fan of the cooling system.
The cooling liquid heated in a cooling shirt is forced by the pump in a radiator where it is cooled with the air stream created by the fan and a counter flow of air arising at the movement of the car. Then cooling liquid comes back to a cooling shirt by means of the pump and cools the engine.

Fig. 2.193. Cooling system of the engine 1MZ-FE and schematic diagram of work of system: 1 – pump of cooling liquid; 2 – output branch pipe of the cooling system; 3 – roundabout channel; 4 – inlet collector; 5 – thermostat; 6 – block of cylinders; 7 – a radiator from