2f3e5fd0 General information

The lubrication system works under pressure, oil passes through an oil filter. On the engine the lubrication system with full-line purification of oil and with supply of oil under pressure to the main moving details and knots of the engine is used. The system consists of an oil case, the gear oil pump with an oil receiver, a full-line oil filter, the sensor of pressure of oil and oil valves.
The oil pump takes away oil from the pallet of a case of the engine and gives it to an oil filter. From forcing of the oil pump there is perepuskny a valve. With too high pressure of oil the valve opens, and a part of oil flows down back in the engine pallet.
Through the middle of the filtering element of an oil filter pure oil comes to the trunk oil main. At a contamination of the filter bypass the valve located in the case of an oil filter gives not filtered oil directly to the trunk oil main. In a branch pipe of an oil filter there is a backpressure valve which interferes with emptying of oil channels and hydraulic pushers of valves of the engine. Channels for lubricant of bearings of the crankshaft depart from the trunk oil main. Through inclined openings in the crankshaft oil moves to conrod bearings, and from there is sprayed on piston fingers and cylinders. At the same time on the ascending channels oil moves in a head of the block of cylinders and provides lubricant of bearings of the camshaft and work of hydraulic pushers.

On the cars equipped with engines with catalytic converter it is necessary to watch that oil level on the masloizmeritelny probe was not above a maximum mark. If in the car with catalytic converter too much oil was filled in, its excess part has to be removed from a case by means of discharge or a suction (the special vacuum pump), otherwise not burned down oil will get into system of production of the fulfilled gases and can destroy catalytic converter.

Filling volume of the lubrication system of the engine 1MZ-FE:
filling of dry system – 5,5 l;
with an oil filter – 4 l;
without oil filter – 4 l.

Fig. 2.192. Lubrication system of the engine 1MZ-FE and schematic diagram of work of system: 1 – oil pump; 2 – oil filter of the pump; 3 – oil filter