2f3e5fd0 Inlet and final valves and pushers of valves

Fig. 2.189. Inlet and final valves and pushers of valves: 1 – camshaft; 2 – adjusting washer; 3 – valve pusher; 4 – valve; 5 – adjusting washer; 6 – cut; 7 – valve pusher

Rods of valves of the reduced diameter are applied to decrease in resistance to a stream on an admission and release (see fig. 2.189) and to decrease in mass of valves. Adjusting laying is located directly on a valve pusher. Such design allows замененять adjusting laying without removing a cam-shaft that increases convenience of service at adjustment of a valvate gap. For increase in convenience of service when replacing adjusting laying in a pusher of the valve there is a cut.
The note for specialists in maintenance
Well to 17 sizes of adjusting washers, the increment of the size makes 0,050 mm, ranging from 2,5 to 3,3 mm.