2f3e5fd0 Camshafts

Fig. 2.188. Camshafts: 1 – cam-shaft No. 2 (Release); 2 – tooth gearing; 3 – synchronization rotor; 4 – the conducted gear wheel; 5 – cam-shaft No. 4 (Release); 6 - No. 3 (Admission); 7 – cam-shaft No. 1 (admission)

Camshafts (fig. 2.188) are made of cast iron alloy. Due to DIS use (System of direct ignition), on the camshaft No. 4 the synchronization rotor ensuring functioning of the sensor of position of the camshaft is established. Camshafts of the drive of inlet valves are put in action by gear wheels on camshafts of the drive of final valves. The tooth gearing used for the drive of a raspredelielny shaft of final valves provides adjustment of a gap in gearing and suppression of noise of the gear drive.