2f3e5fd0 Installation of a cover of a chain of the drive of the mechanism of gas distribution

Deleting old sealant, try not to damage contact surfaces of a cover of a chain of the GRM drive, pump of cooling liquid, a head of the block of cylinders and the block of cylinders. Using an edge and a scraper, remove old sealant from contact surfaces and from deepenings under sealant. Well clear all components before installation. Using bezosadochny solvent, clear surfaces before putting sealant.

Fig. 2.160. Places of putting sealant on a drive chain cover: 1 – sealant

Apply sealant on a GRM drive chain cover, as shown in the figure 2.160 (thickness of a layer of 3-4 mm).

Fig. 2.161. Places of putting sealant

You do not apply excess amount of sealant on contact surfaces. Details have to be collected during the time specified in the instruction for sealant use. Otherwise again remove sealant and lay new. Apply sealant to the places shown in the figure 2.161 (thickness of a layer of 2 mm).

Fig. 2.162. Locations of bolts and nuts of fastening of a cover of a chain of the drive of the mechanism of gas distribution: 1 – nuts

Establish a GRM drive chain cover. Evenly, for several passes, wrap fourteen bolts and two nuts (fig. 2.162).
Inhaling moments:
bolt "And"..... (length of 30 mm. a head on 10 mm) – 9 N · m;
bolt "In"..... (length of 30 mm, a head on 12 mm) – 21 N · m;
bolt "With"..... (length of 40 mm, a head on 14 mm) – 43 N · m;
nuts – 9 N · m.