2f3e5fd0 Check of a gap between the piston and the cylinder

Fig. 2.109. Measurement of diameter of a skirt of the piston

Measure by a micrometer diameter of a skirt of the piston at the distance specified in the figure 2.109, from a piston bottom surface from the end of a skirt (it is lower than the level of flutes for piston rings).
Standard diameter:
1AZ-FE – 85,927–85,937 mm;
2AZ-FE – 88,439–88,449 mm.
Measure diameters of cylinders in the direction of an engine axis.
Find a difference of results of measurements of diameter of the piston and diameter of the cylinder.
Standard gap:
1AZ-FE – 0,063–0,086 mm;
2AZ-FE (type 1) – 0,051–0,074 mm;
2AZ-FE (type 2) – 0,048–0,058 mm.
Limit gap – 0,100 mm.
If the gap is more than maximum, replace all four pistons. If necessary replace the block of cylinders.