2f3e5fd0 Measurement of axial and radial side plays of a bent shaft and in radical bearings

Fig. 2.105. Measurement of an axial side play of a bent shaft

Measure by the dial indicator an axial side play of a bent shaft, moving it back – forward (fig. 2.105).
Standard gap – 0,040–0,240 mm.
Limit gap – 0,300 mm.
If the axial gap is more than most admissible, replace persistent half rings.
Thickness of persistent half rings – 1,930–1,980 mm.

Fig. 2.106. Order of extraction of bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings

To measure a radial gap in radical bearings, evenly weaken and turn off bolts of covers of radical bearings for several passes to the sequences, specified in the figure 2.106.

Fig. 2.107. Check of a gas joint of the block of cylinders on a buckling

Remove the top persistent washer of a bent shaft. Remove bearings of a bent shaft. Unscrew hairpins of fastening of the block of cylinders. Check a surface of a gas joint of the block of cylinders for a buckling by means of a special line and the flat probe (fig. 2.107).
The maximum buckling – 0,05 mm.

Fig. 2.108. Measurement of diameter of the cylinder

Check diameter of the cylinder. Measure by the dial indicator-nutromerom diameter of the cylinder at three levels A, B and C in cross 1 and the longitudinal 2 directions, as shown in the figure 2.108.
Standard diameter:
1AZ-FE – 86,000–86,013 mm;
2AZ-FE – 88,500–88,513 mm.
Extreme diameter:
1AZ-FE – 86,013 mm;
2AZ-FE – 88,513 mm.
If diameter is more than limit, replace the block of cylinders.