2f3e5fd0 Removal of the piston and rod assembled

Fig. 2.100. Removal of a deposit from the top part of the cylinder

Prered of subjects how to remove the piston and a rod assembled, remove with development a deposit from the top part of the cylinder, as shown in the figure 2.100.

Fig. 2.101. Removal of compression rings

Take the piston assembled with a rod and the top insert of the bearing through the top part of the block of cylinders. An expander remove both compression rings (fig. 2.101).

Fig. 2.102. Extraction of a lock ring of the piston

By means of the screw-driver remove lock rings (fig. 2.102).

Fig. 2.103. A warming up of pistons in special electroboxing

Having placed pistons in the special electrobox, gradually heat them to temperature of 80-90 °C (fig. 2.103).

Fig. 2.104. Extraction of a piston finger from the piston

Using the hammer with plastic brisk and a brass core, beat out a piston finger and remove a rod (fig. 2.104).