2f3e5fd0 Replacement of inserts of radical bearings

Fig. 2.99. Marking of dimensional group of inserts of radical bearings

When replacing inserts of the standard size it is necessary to use inserts of one dimensional group specified on a bearing cover. There are dimensional groups of inserts designated by "1", "2", "3" (fig. 2.99).
Internal diameter of the lower head of a rod:
marking "1"..... 51,000–51,007 mm;
marking "2"..... 51,008–51,013 mm;
marking "3"    ..... 51,014–51,020 mm.
The standard sizes of inserts on their thickness:
marking "1"    ..... 1,485–1,488 mm;
marking "2"    ..... 1,488–1,491 mm;
marking "3"    ..... 1,491–1,494 mm.
Remove the remains of a calibration wire from the working surfaces of a neck and an insert.