2f3e5fd0 Check of a radial side play in camshaft bearings

Clear working surfaces of covers of bearings and basic necks of the camshaft. Establish an insert of the forward bearing. Lay the camshaft in a bed of a head of the block of cylinders. Put on a piece of plastic caliber on each neck of the camshaft. Establish covers of bearings. Tighten bolts of covers with the inhaling moment:
No. 1 – 30 N · m (301 kg · cm);
No. 2 – 30 N · m (301 kg · cm);
No. 3 – 9 N · m (92 kg · cm).

Fig. 2.86. Installation of covers of bearings of camshafts

Do not turn the camshaft.
Uncover bearings. Measure width of the deformed plastic calibers in the widest part and calculate a side play.

Radial side play
Standard (admission):
mm neck No. 1-0,007-0,038;
the others – 0,025–0,062 mm.
Standard (release):
mm neck No. 1-0,015-0,054;
the others – 0,025–0,062 mm.
mm neck No. 1-0,070;
the others – 0,100 mm.
If the side play is more than limit, replace the camshaft. If necessary replace covers of bearings and a head of the block of cylinders.
Remove the remains of plastic calibers. If necessary replace the bearing of a forward support.

Use inserts of one dimensional group specified on the bearing and a head of the block of cylinders.

Diameter of a bed of the bearing:
tag "1" – 40,000–40,008 mm;
tag "2" – 40,009–40,017 mm;
tag "3" – 40,018–40,025 mm.
Diameter of a neck of the camshaft – 35,971–35,985 mm.
Insert thickness:
tag "1" – 2,000–2,004 mm;
tag "2" – 2,005–2,008 mm;
tag "3" – 2,009–2,012 mm.