2f3e5fd0 Installation of an asterisk of WT (camshaft of inlet valves)

Fig. 2.79. Installation of an asterisk of the camshaft of inlet valves: 1 – lock pin; 2 – dredging

Hold an asterisk in such situation that the groove was in it a bit more to the left of an adjusting pin of the camshaft (from a shaft). Install an asterisk on the camshaft. Slightly press an asterisk and turn it counterclockwise. Make sure that there is no visible gap between an asterisk and an end face of the camshaft. Holding a shaft a key, tighten a fastening bolt a mammoth of an inhaling of 54 N · m. Make sure that the WT drive moves clockwise and is fixed by a lock pin in the correct situation (fig. 2.79).