2.1.3. Lubrication system

Oil pump

The lubrication system works under pressure, oil passes through an oil filter. The oil pump with gear wheels of trokhoidalny gearing is given by a chain from a bent shaft. The oil filter is located from below on a case to improve operational reliability. Due to the use of the VVT-i system, in a head of the block of cylinders the VVT-i regulator, and on a cam-shaft – the operating valve is installed. This system works at the expense of pressure of engine oil. The oil cooler with water cooling was installed between a case and an oil filter on engines of model 2AZ-FE.

On the cars equipped with engines with catalytic converter it is necessary to watch that oil level on the masloizmeritelny probe was not above a maximum mark. If in the car with catalytic converter too much oil was filled in, its excess part has to be removed from a case by means of discharge or a suction (the special vacuum pump), otherwise not burned down oil will get into system of production of the fulfilled gases and can destroy catalytic converter.

Filling volume:
dry – 5,0 l;
with an oil filter – 3,8 l;
without oil filter – 3,0 l.

Fig. 2.17. Scheme of operation of the lubrication system: 1 – channel of return of oil; 2 – natyazhitel of a chain; 3 – the operating valve of system of change of phases of gas distribution; 4 – the oil cooler with water cooling