2.1.10. Control system of the engine

Arrangement of basic elements of a control system of the engine
Air consumption sensor
Sensor of an angle of rotation of a bent shaft
Sensor of provision of a cam-shaft
Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
Sensor of provision of a pedal of management of fuel supply
EFI system (Electronic system of injection of fuel)
The ETCS-i system (an intellectual control system of a butterfly valve with the electric drive)
Principle of work
Protection against shock loadings at gear shifting
System of automatic control of speed of the movement
VVT-i system (Intellectual management of gas distribution phases)
Control of the cooling system fan
Diagnostics of operation of the fan of the cooling system
Management of reliability

Fig. 2.38. Configuration of a control system of engines 1AZ-FE and 2AZ-FE of the new Camry car
engines models 1AZ-FE and 2AZ-FE
General information
The engine 1AZ-FE is line, four-cylinder, with a working volume of 2,0 l, with two top cam-shafts in