2f3e5fd0 Block of cylinders

Fig. 2.7. The block of cylinders and the scheme of passing of an air stream at rotation of a bent shaft of the engine: 1 – camera of the pump of cooling liquid; 2 – thermostat case; 3 – case; 4 - arm of an oil filter; 5 – conditioner compressor arm; 6 –

The block of cylinders (fig. 2.7) is manufactured of light aluminum alloy. Application of thin-walled pig-iron sleeves of cylinders and aluminum alloy for production of the block of cylinders allows to realize a compact design. Sleeves of cylinders thin-walled, thus, boring is not possible. In partitions of the block of cylinders channels are made. As a result air from the lower part of cylinders goes more smoothly, and pump losses (the counter-pressure at the piston bottom made by back and forth motion of the piston) decrease that increases engine capacity. The arm of an oil filter and the compressor of the conditioner are integrated into a case, also the camera of the pump of cooling liquid, the case of the thermostat and the holder of a back epiploon of the crankshaft are integrated into the block of cylinders.