1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car

Description of the car
 Dimensions and new design of a body of the Camry car
 Some design features of salon and interior of the new Camry car
 Salon and the dashboard of the car – general information
 Identification data of the car
 Podkapotny space
 Technical characteristics of engines
 Filling capacities of units and systems, the recommended operational materials
 Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system
 Cowl, trunk lid lever, hatch of a mouth of the fuel tank
 Power windows of doors
Dashboard, governing bodies and combination of devices
 Devices, counters and control indicators
 Understeering switches and system of lighting
 Equipment of salon, wheel and rear-view mirrors
 Systems of passive safety
System of heating and air conditioning
 Control panel of the air conditioning system
Use of the car to destination
 The recommended fuel
 Governing bodies and work with them
 Information on working systems of the CAMRY car
 Start of the engine and driving of the car
Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion
 If the car is not started
 Onboard tool, jack and spare wheel
 Towage of the car
Maintenance of the car
 Data on maintenance
 Schedule of maintenance
 Independent maintenance of the car
 Care of a body and interior of the car
 Table 1.1 of Feature of management of seats with automatic adjustment
 The table 1.2 Glass with protection against ultra-violet radiation
 Table 1.3 Purpose of Elements of an Automatic Rear-view Mirror
 Table 1.4 Examples of adjustment of light of headlights
 Table 1.5 windshield screen wiper Operating modes
 Table 1.6 Operation of Separate Groups of Elements of Additional System of Passive Safety
 Table 1.7 of Operation on maintenance
 Table 1.8 Plan of Additional Maintenance
 Table 1.9 Rekomendovany pressure in tires
 Table 1.10 Types of the used lamps