1.6. Maintenance of the car

Data on maintenance
Schedule of maintenance
Independent maintenance of the car
 Check of level of oil in the engine
 Replacement of an oil filter on the car with the engine 1AZ-FE and 2AZ-FE
 Check of level of cooling liquid of the engine
 Check of a radiator and condenser
 Check of pressure in tires
 Check of tires
 Replacement of tires
 Rotation of tires
 Check of a condition of the rechargeable battery
 External examination of the rechargeable battery
 Precautionary measures at recharge of the rechargeable battery
 Addition of windshield washer fluid
 Replacement of lamps
 Replacement of lamps of passing beam
 Replacement of lamps of driving beam
 Replacement of lamps of parking lamps
 Replacement of lamps of lamps of forward indexes of turns
 Replacement of lamps of lamps of side indexes of turns
 Replacement of lamps of lamps of back indexes of turn, stoplights / back lamps, back lamps, lamps of a backing and back fog lights
 Check and replacement of fuses
Care of a body and interior of the car
 Protection against corrosion
 Prevention of corrosion
 Sink and putting wax paste
 Removal of spots
 Polishing and putting wax paste
 Repeated putting wax paste
 Care of bumpers
 Cleaning of interior of the car
 Cleaning of an upholstery from genuine leather (the additional equipment)
 Cleaning of carpets
 Cleaning of seat belts
 Sink of glasses