2f3e5fd0 Check of a condition of the rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery emits flammable and explosive gaseous hydrogen.
– When using tools exclude emergence of a spark from the rechargeable battery.
– Near the rechargeable battery it is forbidden to smoke and light matches.
Electrolyte contains poisonous and caustic sulfuric acid.
– Avoid hit in eyes, on skin or clothes.
– It is forbidden to swallow electrolyte.
– During the work near the rechargeable battery put on goggles.
– You hold the rechargeable battery far away from children.
– At hit of electrolyte in eyes immediately wash out eyes clear water and immediately ask for medical care. On the way to medical institution continue to put, as far as possible, the sponge or fabric moistened with water.
– At hit of electrolyte on skin carefully wash out this place. If you feel pain or burning – immediately ask for medical care.
– At hit on clothes infiltration of electrolyte through clothes on skin therefore immediately take off these clothes is possible and perform, if necessary, the above described procedure.
– If you incidentally swallowed electrolyte, then drink a large amount of water or milk. Then drink a magnesium hydroxide, the shaken-up crude egg or vegetable oil. Then immediately ask for emergency aid.