2f3e5fd0 Check of tires

Check protectors of tires on wear indicators. If indicators are visible, replace tires. Location of indicators of wear of tires is specified by marking of "TWI" or "L", etc., each tire, vyshtampovanny on a sidewall.
Tires on the Toyota car have the built-in indicators of wear of a protector, the tires helping to define time of replacement. If depth of a protector decreases to 1,6 mm or less, then these indicators become visible. At emergence of indicators on two or more adjacent flutes the tire should be replaced. The less thickness of a protector, the is higher probability of a drift.
Efficiency of tires for driving on snow is lost when thickness of a protector becomes less than 4 mm.
Shin needs to replace at damages, for example, cuts, peelings and cracks, enough deep in order that the inside layer, or the swellings indicating internal damages was visible.
Shin needs to replace if it often lowers, or normal repair because of the size or an arrangement of a cut or other damage is impossible.
If at the movement there is an air leak, do not continue driving with a flat tire. In this case driving even on small distance can damage the tire so that repair will be impossible.
The qualified mechanic has to check any tires which are more than 6 years old even if no damages are visible.
Quality of tires worsens over time even if they were never used or used seldom.
It also belongs to the tire of a spare wheel and the stored tires.