2f3e5fd0 Replacement of an oil filter on the car with the engine 1AZ-FE and 2AZ-FE

Uncover an oil-filling mouth.
Remove a stopper of a masloslivny opening and merge oil in a container.

Fig. 1.165. Removal of an oil filter

Using special adaptation 09228-06501, remove an oil filter. (fig. 1.165).
Check and clear the surface of installation of an oil filter.
Apply pure engine oil on laying of a new oil filter.
Slightly wrap an oil filter into place, and tighten it to a contact of laying of a landing surface.

Fig. 1.166. Installation of a new oil filter

Using special adaptation 09228-06501, wrap the filter in addition on 3/4 turns (fig. 1.166).
Clear and establish into place a stopper of a masloslivny opening with new laying. Inhaling moment: 25 N · m (255 kgfs · cm).
Fill in fresh engine oil.
Establish a cover of an oil-filling mouth.
Check whether oil leaks.

– The long and repeated contact with mineral oil leads to removal from the surface of skin of natural fats that leads to dryness of skin, irritation and dermatitis. Besides, the fulfilled engine oil contains potentially harmful substances which can cause skin cancer.
– Show care to minimize duration and frequency of contact of your skin with the fulfilled oil. Put on protective clothes and gloves. Carefully wash skin with water with soap, or use waterless hand cleaner to remove the fulfilled engine oil. Do not use gasoline, thinners or solvents.

For environment protection the fulfilled oil and the used oil filter needs to be handed over only on points of utilization intended for this purpose.